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This should be your first stop upon joining the site where you can find help on making a character and getting yourself established at this site.

Sub-board: Plotting

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Is the site waning a little? To stay in the mythological mood you can post/view videos, fan art, graphics, poetry or amuse yourself with games.

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No New Posts Garden District

This is the lowest point in Heorot and contains many of the einherjar's quarters (all are named after plants and flowers sacred to the Norse gods and goddesses). The avenues are paved with stone and are lined in various flowers (represented by the names of the houses). It is connected to the Forest District by two small arches; the arches are named Huginn (Western most arch) and Muninn (Eastern most arch).

Sub-boards: The Gate of Heimdall, Storage, Daisy House, Yellow Rattle House, Valkyrie's Rest, Black Elder House, The Kennels, Geranium House, Cowslip House, Royal Fern House, Burdock House, Milkwort House, Mistletoe House

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No New Posts Forest District

The Forest District lies several stories above the Garden District and several below the Sky District. In this district you can find more quarters for the einherjar (these named after trees sacred to the Norse gods and goddesses) as well as more specialized buildings for the operations of the city (including the feast hall, library, temple, etc.).

Sub-boards: The Great Oak, The Feast Hall, Elm House, Statue of Beowulf, Yew House, Ash House, Rowan House, Oak House, The Library, The Temple

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No New Posts Sky District

This is the highest point in Heorot and is separated into two parts. The Southern part of the Sky District contains the Thane's quarters while the Northern part contains the Jarl's Keep and the quarters of the Housecarls. The Southern and Northern parts are connected by a large main stone staircase and a tunnel.

Sub-boards: Varangian Hall, The Great Forge, Hardrada Hall

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No New Posts City Exterior

The lands surrounding Heorot are covered in short grass, rocky crags, and large trees. Directly outside of the city are several large farms where einherjar work to grow food for the city.

Sub-boards: Freyja's Garden, Freyr's Grove

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No New Posts City Underground

The Underground of Heorot is a honeycomb of subterrainian passages and rooms; most are used as storage or have gone unused. At the heart of the Underground is the Hall of Heroes which connects directly to the Forest District and The Grotto.

Sub-board: The Grotto

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No New Posts Camp Alpha

The Greek Demigods that have been trapped in Midgard have made camp several miles north of Heorot.

Sub-boards: The River, The Forest, Practice Grounds, The Fire Pit, The Canopy, Inner Council Tent, Demigod Tents, Camp Forge, Farms

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Camp Halfblood

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No New Posts The Big House

The Big House is a large, sky blue house, which serves as the main administrative building at Camp Half-Blood. Mr. D, Chiron, and other Camp Half-Blood staff members including all cabin leaders usually have their meetings there and it serves as the camp's infirmary. There are four floors, a basement and an attic in the big house. It is home to Mr. D, Chiron, and Argus. All new campers go there to see the orientation film, as well as to meet Chiron and Mr. D.

Sub-board: Basement

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No New Posts The Cabins

When demigod children turn 13 they are claimed by their godly parent. Upon attending camp, they are sorted into their respective cabin (20 cabins for all Olympian and Minor Gods/Goddesses). The cabins are arranged in the form of a Greek Omega Ω.

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No New Posts Camp Activities Area

Between the Cabins and Halfblood Hill are several small pavilions and courts where Camp Halfblood offers, among monster and battle training, the normal assortment of summer camp activities.

Sub-board: Canoe Lake

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No New Posts The Forest

The Camp Half-Blood forest is a forest surrounding Camp Half-Blood. It is full of monsters, and Capture the Flag is often played in it by the campers on Fridays. Chiron advises campers not to enter unless they are armed or with someone else. The woods of Camp Half-Blood are very elusive and secretive. Many creatures live in this forest including wood nymphs, tree nymphs, monsters, satyrs, and much more. It is a great place to explore, practice duelings and battling.

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No New Posts Halfblood Hill

Half-Blood Hill is one of the hills surrounding the valley where Camp Half-Blood is located. It is well known for being the place where Thalia gave her life to save her friends and where her pine tree is (in fact, it was named "Half-Blood Hill because Thalia gave her life there). Mortals and monsters cannot go past the hill's magic borders, unless one of the campers, Chiron, or Mr. D allow them in.

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Mystic Lands

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No New Posts The Empire State Building

Sitting high above the Empire State Building on its 600th floor reigns the throne of Zeus, Mount Olympus. No mortal can see it and demigods rarely venture further in its avenues of gold.

Sub-boards: The Grand Chamber, The Chamber of Sight, The Circus of Hermes, Heroes of Olympus, Deucalion's Vault, Spring of Contact

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No New Posts Asgard

Asgard is the golden seat of the Norse Gods and rests above Baffin Island. Asgard itself is a sprawling city under the earth but is connected to Midgard (the land of mortals) by the Bifrost (the rainbow bridge).

Sub-boards: Vanaheim, Folkvang, Valhalla, Valaskjalf, Gladsheim

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No New Posts Midgard

The Middle Realm is split between the world of the humans of Heorot (southern Canada) and the land of Giants (northern Canada).

Sub-boards: Nidavellir, Jotunheim

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No New Posts Niflheim

Niflheim is located under the Bering Strait. This is the realm of the dead and is filled with ice, iron, and cold. Those unworthy of the splendor of Valhalla go here.

Sub-boards: The Palace of Hel, The Spring of Hvergelmir, Muspelheim

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No New Posts Sea of Monsters

The Bermuda Triangle is a stretch of ocean known for its strange happenings and disappearances. The Mist shrouds the Triangle's true nature from mortals, in reality it is inhabited by sea monsters and islands populated by cruel beings. Rumor has it that the Norse Pantheon has a few outposts hidden among the islands... nothing has been proven though.

Sub-boards: The Sargasso Sea, C.C.'s Spa and Resort, Siren's Island, Polyphemus' Island

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No New Posts Other Lands

Earth is home to other, smaller locations that are sacred to the Norse and Greek Gods or are their homes. Adventurous seekers beware.

Sub-boards: DOA Recording Studios, Lotus Hotel and Casino, The Parthenon of Nashville, The Kingdom of Atlantis

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